A must read report for government, industry and consumers.

Commission vs. No Commission

Advised Life Insurance in Australia

This report clearly explains:

  • The value of life insurance advice.
  • A consumers advice experience, comparing commission vs. no commission.
  • Why Fee for Service/No Commission will collapse what is left of an essential Australian industry.
  • How consumers are better off with a life insurance adviser, compared to trying to do it themselves.
Advised Life Insurance Commissions

We all need to communicate with one message and one voice.

Please meet with your local MP and use the Advised Life Insurance report, to help open up honest and transparent discussions, about the critical issue of life insurance advice commissions and why they need to stay.

Life insurers and advice providers are facing many issues, but the largest and number 1 Issue is, politicians, regulators and others with vested interests, incorrectly thinking a Fee for Service/No Commission model is a viable solution and way forward for the industry.

Without commissions, the life insurance sector will collapse. We must have the commission issue addressed, solved and put to bed, before anything else.

Life Insurance Adviser and Technology Creator

The Advised Life Insurance report is authored by Brett Wright, who is a specialist life insurance adviser and technology creator, with 30+ years to run in the industry.

Brett has 14 years' experience in life insurance advice, is a director of his family's 33 year old life insurance advice business, he advises a diverse range of clients from young families through to a large key person insurance client with a billion-dollar turnover, and he is also a director and founder of an insurtech platform that is used by some of Australia's largest insurance and risk advisory businesses, to revolutionise life insurance advice distribution.

When it comes to life insurance, Brett is focused on the best interests of Australian consumers, the future viability of life insurance advice and the sustainability of the life insurance sector as a whole.

When you access this report, Brett will receive your name and email address, which he may use to provide you with updates on the progress of life insurance advice advocacy, public media campaigns and any other important announcements relating to life insurance advice and the wider industry.

We are building together, a community of advice providers, to drive change in the right way and from the bottom up.

Brett's contact details are included in the report, feel free to get in touch with him, or even connect on LinkedIn.

Thank you for your support, and also a special thanks to Riskinfo for supporting the publication and distribution of this report.